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See how you can partner with well-known travel brands as a travel agent or affiliate publisher
Add extra value for your clients or fans and earn a commission.

Introduction to the Spaceships World

A collection of brands that are focused on taking care of its customers. And on giving travellers the power to explore a specific country the way they want to at the pace they prefer. Advantages for all customers - whether direct or via third parties - that make sure they have the best travel experience ever. It's part of our promises!


Enabling travellers worldwide to see more of their own backyard or to go overseas to explore a new country and to experience a different culture.


Explore but leave no trace. All travel brands support sustainable travel and will show customers how to travel in a more sustainable way.


Partnerships with local suppliers, travel agents, publishers, creators and more. Partnerships that will benefit all parties involved and of course the traveller.

Fantastic ways to explore amazing destinations

Various ways to explore amazing destinations that suit every type of traveller, no matter the age, transportation preference, adrenaline level preference etc. Every traveller will have a great time thanks to our amazing brands and the teams behind them. We all have walked the walk so we can talk the talk!

Partner with our travel brands

Check out your options and see how you can partner with these amazing travel brands & products. Earn more money by partnering with brands that heaps of travellers worldwide love

What we offer you

We offer a solution for everyone looking to earn extra money in the world of travel.


A lucrative solution for travel agents, from solo & independent travel agents to agents that are part of a bigger agency.

You'll be rewarded for selling our travel products to your clients. We give you all the tools & material to help you sell but you are in control: you will manage your clients' needs.


The best solution for anyone wanting to refer traffic to our websites and booking engines: travel blogs, social media influencers and bloggers.

You just have to refer your fan base to our fun & affordable travel brands. A great way to earn money with your content.

Jump into our world of travel Check out your options

We'll show you how to earn commission on our amazing travel products.

How to earn extra money in travel & tourism

There is a range of great travel brands that are eager to connect with external parties, from travel agents to affiliate publishers. These brands would love to extend their range of partnerships. We have collected all the info for you so you know what to expect.

Commission for travel agents

If you are an independent travel agent or an agent that is part of a big travel agency chain, we have amazing and rewarding solutions for you. Travel products in Australia, New Zealand and the UK & Europe that your clients will love. And a commission level that you will love. Spaceships World is your gateway. Enter our world of travel and see where it will take you.

Our brands offer you dedicated booking systems with the most up to date rates & availability info. Or tap into our booking engines via our API to start selling our products in your online booking system. Whichever option you choose, our team will always help you out to make it happen.

The same goes for support in selling our brands: photos, videos, collateral etc. Everything to make it super easy to sell our travel products and to get that nice commission payout.

Commission for affiliate publishers

Bloggers, content creators and everyone with a website or online presence that isn’t a travel agent can join our affiliate programs. All travel affiliate programs with a nice commission payout as well.

Simply use our tracked links to refer your fans or readers to our websites. Every approved conversion will be rewarded. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your visitor statistics are, we love working with everyone in the field of backpacking, roadtripping, and travelling in general.

We have made affiliate marketing easy for you. No technical knowledge is needed. All you need to do is apply (it’s free to join) and tell a bit about your website or blog. Affiliate applications get checked super fast, so within a working day you’ll receive an update via email.

Connect with the brands themselves, no middle man or comparison site is needed. You send the traffic, we’ll do the converting.... And you get a nice commission for every successful conversion aka booking. It is a win-win partnership for everyone.

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